Maxwell Addae – 2019 Festival


A young man attends his nephew's baby naming ceremony with a plan to steal the money collected from family and friends to run away and keep a secret hidden.

About Maxwell Addae:

With a love of cinema’s more idiosyncratic directing auteurs, Maxwell Addae has strived to express himself as purely as possible. Merging the vulnerably personal with genre flourishes has been his goal since his time at the University of Texas – Arlington, which also provided him with a solid screenwriting background.  He has created several personal short film projects. The Man in the Glass Case, based on Albert Camus’ The Stranger, and Descry, a sci-fi drama, have screened at festivals around the country. Following a small stint touring as a performance artist, which changed how he envisioned movement within film, he’s eager to utilize all of the new tools he’s acquired over the years. This includes his time at the American Film Institute – Conservatory, which is where the short Outdooring was conceived.

Outdooring deals with our relationship to family. Family can serve as our first training ground on how to deal with our larger communities. Things don’t always get resolved, but one of the things I admire about family, blood or chosen, is when you can agree to disagree while still being able to love unconditionally. That’s a hard thing to do depending on the circumstances. I also needed a place to exhale and understand some of the things I was going through in my late teens/early 20’s. I was learning a lot about myself and the world. It made me angry, excited, confused, resentful, repressed, motivated, a lot of things. While the story is complete fiction, the emotions that it brings up are very personal.

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